September 2024

Walk Bike Bus Gettysburg is an active transportation campaign for Gettysburg; to encourage residents and commuters to get out and explore the Gettysburg area.  @Home in Adams County along with Commute PA have partnered to provide transportation related resources to motivate individuals to increase their walking, biking and bus trips.

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During the month-long campaign participants will be able to access Commute PA’s rideshare and rewards program in order to record all of their green trips.  There will be prizes for those who record and live updates of participation.

Illustration image of passengers on bus



Let us know you are planning to use green/active transportation during the month of September.  Pledge to participate here.  You will receive an email containing your Commute PA profile.  Make sure to start recording your green trips to be eligible for prizes.

Commute PA will help you find rideshare partners as well as reward you for recording green trips. The program is mobile-friendly to allow easy access directly from a smartphone and is available as an app to download. If you pledge to participate in Walk Bike Bus Gettysburg look for an email to complete your profile.


Keep visiting Commute PA to record your trips, click here!

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