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Active Transportation: The path to a better you.

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Commute PA will help you explore walking and biking as an option to travel to and from work safely.   

Whether it’s looking for a route to use or learning about the rules of the road, we are here to assist you!  By incorporating active transportation into your daily commute, you can significantly reduce your commuting costs and improve your overall health. Check out the resources below to
begin your journey.

Fun Fact!

Did you know all of our local transit agencies have bike racks on their buses? Connect to Transit here.

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How To Get Started


Find a route. Reach out to a local bike club to learn about new routes or use Commute PA to explore options.


Get necessary equipment/attire. Make sure you have reflective gear, bike helmet, and a recently maintained bike.


Learn the rules of the road. Check out our tip sheets and links to PennDOT to learn how to travel safely in PA using active transportation.

Learn how to tap into
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