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Whether you are telecommuting
full-time or working a hybrid schedule split between the office and home, there are numerous benefits and advantages to this type of work environment. 

Telecommuting is the greenest commute mode because there is no commute, which helps to improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions. The flexibility of working from home will also have a positive impact on your physical and mental

Fun Fact!

Did you know you can record the days you work from home in Commute PA and get rewarded?

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How To Get Started


Talk with your employer to learn about current telecommuting policies and procedures.


Designate and set up a space at home and review successful telecommuting tips.


Stay connected to your manager and co-workers during the day.

Learn how to tap into
Commute PA to navigate your commute

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Home Office Checklist
Record the days you work
from home and earn
rewards here.
Commute Calculator
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commute cost?
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